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Design a stunning Shopify store that drives conversions. No coding required.

Shopify Store Builder for Everyone

  • Store builder for beginners: Easily design your dream store without any Shopify development experience with leading no-code Shopify builder platform
  • Store builder for developers: Create Shopify stores for clients or yourself in minutes instead of weeks
  • Store builder for teams: Cut your time by up to 90% when doing enterprise Shopify stores

Design Header, Footer, Shopify Pages + Extra

Unlike other solutions on the market, Shopsta is the only true Shopify store builder. You can design header, footer and most of other pages including homepage, product page, collection, collections, cart and additional pages for blog, blog single and contact page.

Start with Premade Themes

Head start designing with premade Shopify themes or download and use them right away. All themes are free for Shopsta subscribers
cosmetics Shopify theme


wing is a cosmetics and makeup Shopify theme, perfectly crafted for any women-centric store

blanca Fashion and Apparel Shopify Theme

Fashion & Apparel

BLANCA is ultra minimal OS 2.0 fashion Shopify theme, created for highest conversion rates possible.

jewely - Jewelry Shopify Theme


jewely is modern minimal jewelry Shopify OS2.0 theme. Responsive and fastest Shopify theme!

gardening Shopify theme


Plantera: A Minimalist, Conversion-Focused Shopify Theme for Gardening & Houseplants

Buy theme for $79

Furniture Shopify Theme


furn is furniture Shopify theme, ideal for all interior and exterior products.

Buy theme for $79

Save $24/month

Premium Features Built in

Each Shopify theme designed with Shopsta is packed with premium features, saving you valuable expenses.

Shopsta have three carousel widgets, perfect way to display most important projects

shopify carousel

We created three awesome frontpage slider widgets which you can drag and drop in Shopsta pages

shopify carousel

Predictive search allows visitors to get instant result suggestions without waiting

predictive search for Shopify

See fine details on product pages with Image Zoom, built in feature in every theme you design with Shopsta

predictive search for Shopify

Add unlimited product tabs on product pages, display any additional data like shipping info, sizes, weights, policies or anything else. Choose from 40+ icons for tab

predictive search for Shopify

Fastest Shopify Themes

Using img srcset, lazy loading, inline & dynamic CSS and inline SVG, all themes designed with Shopsta are top speed A Grade themes

Img Srcset

Images are optimised for current device with srcset feature

Lazy Loading

All side media is lazy loaded to drastically improve page speed and SEO

Dynamic CSS

With section based css, we load only CSS used on current page

Inline SVG

Eliminate multiple requests with inlined SVG elements

Vanilla JS

We follow latest Shopify standards which also means no jQuery

Web Native

We leverage latest technology while supporting older browsers

SEO Optimised
And Mastered

Shopify themes crafted using Shopsta software adhere to industry-leading SEO guidelines, ensuring you receive a comprehensive out-of-the-box SEO solution. Your path to market dominance begins here.

Schema Integrated

Rich schema is automagically integrated in products displayed

Accessible Themes

Shopsta follows WCAG rules which also improves SEO and credibility

Blazingly Fast

Shopsta designed themes are fast as possible, ideal for SE domination


All features and all Shopify themes are unlocked in any plan you choose. No hidden gimmicks or additional payments. 50% OFF IN BETA


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